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Question : Is SnoreLogs free?

Answer : No, it is a paid app on Google Play.

Question : How can SnoreLogs help me with my snoring?

Answer : SnoreLogs, a non medical, AI based recorder app tries to give you metrics and
pattern (when used over time) about your snoring, which could help you
infer if your interventions to overcome snoring are working or not.

Question : How to record a session?

Answer : Open the app, select the number of hours for it to run, switch it on and
while keeping the app in foreground keep it close to where you sleep, at the
same place every night. You can keep the app face down and charge your phone
too at your discretion.Please note the app works best in quiet enviornment. Loud
ambient noices would degrade its performance.

Question : Can the app differentiate between snores of two or more people in a room?

Answer : No, the app can not differentiate between snores of different people.

Question : Can I run SnoreLogs in the background?

Answer : No, you should use SnoreLogs in forground mode only.

Question : Will I hear calls and notifications?

Answer : SnoreLogs when switched on, enforces the Do Not Disturb (DND) setting.
You could miss important calls and messages while using this app.

Question : Does SnoreLogs require internet access?

Answer : For it's core functioning SnoreLogs does not require internet access.
Your android phone works as an edge device, audio is recorded, analysed
stored and played back using your device itself.

Question : Does SnoreLogs work in airplane mode?

Answer : Yes, SnoreLogs works in airplane mode.

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