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Last updated: Jul 16, 2020

At SnoreLogs, we respect the privacy of your data. The app has been designed with privacy first in mind.
These Terms of Privacy Policy constitute a legal agreement between you and SnoreLogs , an app provided
as a service by Aiappz (“us”, “we”) . Hereafter referred to as “the app” or “SnoreLogs. By using SnoreLogs
services , you acknowledge your acceptance of and agreement to the terms in this privacy policy. If you
do not agree to any of the terms in this agreement, please do not use the app.

App Data
The app generates two types of data, audio clips and the associated meta data (which is stored in the
app database) required for proper functioning of the app. SnoreLogs works on your smart phone which
acts as an edge device, the data is generated by your device, processed by your device and remains
stored in your device till the time it is either deleted or lost due to some technical reasons. The app does
not transmit any audio data.

The app does not require internet connection for its core functioning, nor does the app provide or use
any back up server. Also, no feature has been provided for sharing the data generated by the app with
other devices nor any feature is provided for exporting the data. However, you as a person can
personally share the data, either by showing it or by playing the audio using your smart phone itself.

Policy For Data Shared With Us Using Other Channels
However, If you submit feedback, ask questions or raise complaints via the support email provided,
social media or through the contact forms on our websites you are responsible for these
communications. We collect information which you share with us through these channels. Your use of
these channels is not to be considered private and the data provided by you using these channels can be
used as deemed fit by us.

Payment Data
We offer SnoreLogs as a Premium service on Google Play/Play Store. After confirming your purchase,
payment is charged to your credit/debit card through Google Play/Play Store account. SnoreLogs does not
handle any payment or payment information. In this regard you are requested to read Google Play
privacy policy to know more about how they handle your data.

Data Collection
SnoreLogs does not collect any app data either directly or anonymously. However, feedback and
complaints data is collected and used as non confidential data.

Data Backup
SnoreLogs does not provide any online backup, nor has it entered into any tie ups with third party’s to do
so. We, also do not provide any feature to export the data from your device.

Data Deletion
SnoreLogs provides features in the app itself for deleting a individual audio clip or the data of entire
session for ten sessions at a time. Deletion of data when required has to be undertaken by you yourself.
Data once deleted can not be recovered.

Data Loss
You understand that as we do not take backup or provide any feature for you to take back up, your
entire data may be lost when either your phone crashes or the app crashes. Also, you would not be able
to transfer data to a new device when you switch over to a new device. These are the inherent risks of
using this app, if you are not willing to take these risks, then please do not use this app.

We don’t show any third party ads on the app installed by you. However, we may show such ads on our
website.We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of those websites or services. This
Privacy Policy applies to information we have collected from you. Where we have linked to a third
party you should read the Privacy Policy stated on the appropriate website.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time when necessary. No notification for the same
would be sent for that as we do not collect your personal data. You are therefore advised to review this
Privacy Policy from time to time. Your continued use of SnoreLogs services after any changes made to
the Privacy Policy constitutes your acceptance of the modified terms within. If you object to any
changes to this Privacy Policy you should stop using SnoreLogs services.

How to contact us
If you have any queries or concerns about the privacy of your personal information or any of the
information provided within this Privacy Policy, you may contact us via email
[email protected]

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