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Last updated: Dec 28, 2020

These Terms of Use constitute a legal agreement (the “agreement”) between you and AI Voice Recorder, an app provided as a service by Aiappz (“us”, “we”) . Hereafter referred to as “the app” or “AI Voice Recorder”.

Acceptance of Terms

By using AI Voice Recorder services , you acknowledge your acceptance of and agreement to the terms in this agreement. If you do not agree to any of the terms in this agreement, please do not use the app. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must read and accept the terms of this agreement. By using the app, you confirm that your parent or guardian has read and accepted the terms.

Modifications may be made to this agreement from time to time. Use of the app after the effective date of the updated version of these terms will indicate your / guardians acceptance of the new agreement as well.

Changes to these Terms

These terms of use are subject to change at any time when necessary. No notification for the same would be sent for that as we do not collect your personal data. You are therefore advised to review these Terms of Use from time to time. Your continued use of AI Voice Recorder services after any changes are made to these terms constitutes your acceptance of the modified terms within. If you object to any changes you should stop using AI Voice Recorder services.


AI Voice Recorder:-

May not work on all devices

May not work in all environments (Due to ambient noises)

May not detect all type of human voices

The app may interfere with working of some other apps

Required Equipment And Permissions

Full use of AI Voice Recorder service requires the use of an android smart phone and the app can only be downloaded from Googles Play Store. For AI Voice Recorder to work properly, you have to grant microphone permission and internet permission. The internet is used only to show ads. The maintenance, settings and security of your device may impact upon the performance of AI Voice Recorder. It is your responsibility to check your phones suitability to deliver the app’s features.

Data Charges

Please note that your network provider’s data charges would apply when installing, updating, performing checks on license validity of AI Voice Recorder or while downloading ads .


We offer AI Voice Recorder as a free service on Google Play/Play Store.

Changes to the App

We may from time to time and without prior notice change, expand or improve the app. We may also at any time cease to operate part of or all of the app. Your use does not entitle you to continued availability of all features or the availability of the entire app itself.

Crashing of the App and App Support

Though we strive to give you a quality app, however, it may crash from time to time due to reasons not known to us or due to factors beyond our control. On occurrence of crashes, your feedback would be valuable to us. App support would not be extended on individual basis, however, based on multiple complaints of the same nature the app would be upgraded.

Data and Privacy

The app works on your smart phone which acts as an edge device. The audio is recorded by your phone, processed in your phone and no audio files are saved anywhere. There are no server backups and no account sign ups. You are responsible for all your activity within the app.

Feedback and Complaints

We read every feedback message and are committed towards the continued improvement of the app. If you submit feedback, comments, complaints via the support email, contact forms on our websites or through social media, you are responsible for these communications. We collect information which you share with us using such channels. Information from such interactions is collected regardless of whether you use AI Voice Recorder or not. Your use of these channels is not to be considered private and the data provided by you using these channels can be used as deemed fit by us.

Third Party Services

The AI Voice Recorder app ads, website and social media channels may give you access to third party websites, products or services. We do not control the practices of these third parties in any way hence do not assume any liability with use of these services. It is your responsibility to take appropriate steps in determining the suitability of using third party services, and to protect your personal information and privacy.

Copyright Notice

If you believe that any content within the app infringes your copyright, you may request it be removed for the app by identification of the copyrighted material you believe to be infringed with its location. You should share with us your details including name, address, telephone number and email address. A statement that you have reasonable certainty that the use of such material was not authorized by the copyright owner. A statement that the information you have supplied is accurate indicating that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner. A signature or the copyright owner or an authorized representative.

Use By Children

The app is unlikely to attract children aged sixteen years old or younger. We do not intentionally market this product to this category of buyers. If you are not of legal age in your country don't download and use this app without supervision of your guardians.

Intellectual Property Rights

We allow you a license to access AI Voice Recorder for personal and non-commercial use in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Any rights that are not permitted within this agreement are reserved by Aiappz.

Breaches of The Terms of Use

You agree that if you do any of the following, you are in breach of this agreement:

  1. Sell, rent, lease, loan, sub license, distribute or transfer the rights to the app or associated content

  2. Modify, reverse engineer or disassemble the app

  3. Copy, adapt, modify, translate the app without our consent

  4. Permit others to use the app in a manner that is in breach of the terms of this agreement

  5. Disable any measures in the app that are designed for protection of intellectual property

  6. To compile data in a way that is usable by a competitor product/service

Any such use shall immediately terminate your license to use the app.


In consideration of AI Voice Recorder providing / promising the service you, at your own expense, agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, AI Voice Recorder its owners, directors and employees, as the case may be, against all losses, damages, expenses, actions, claims, demands and proceedings whatsoever, that you or your phone may incur while using the app. You also agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AI Voice Recorder its owners, directors and employees, due to failure of AI Voice Recorder to provide the services as offered by it in print.


If you have any questions or comments about anything within this Terms of Use agreement please contact us via our website contact form. (

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