Cough Recorder

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The app uses AI technology to detect coughing. On detection, six second clips are recorded. The app can be used to monitor / track recovery over a period of time and to record cough sounds which can be played back to the doctor. The non medical app can be a handy tool for people suffering from chronic cough or from Tuberculosis. Use it along with your anti cough intervention to monitor your progress.


AI based cough detection technology
Records coughing when you sleep
One cough recording is for six seconds
Gives the loudness and time of coughing
Set clips as favorites for ease of finding and playing them back
Delete entire sessions to manage space on phone
Edge computing
Easy to use, No complicated settings
App values your privacy. No sharing or backups of audio files or any other session data

How to use

Ensure the phone is fully charged
Set the session length between two to six hours (The only setting)
Start the session (White button on bottom left should turn green)
Place the phone next to your bed, face down (Away from electric or magnetic fields)
Recording stops after the session time elapses
Go to sessions list, tap on the latest session (Top most on the list) to view session statistics
From session statistics click on the player to validate session / hear clips
Hear the recordings (Adjust the audio volume!)
Use it along with anti coughing interventions / remedies to monitor your progress
Set favorites for ease of playing them back to your doctor or friends
At regular intervals delete sessions to create space on your phone


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